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Facility Management Industry: The emerging Trends In ’20

While the pandemics can be lethal for manpower driven industries, the facility management industry, on the other hand, has found its way forward. So, exactly how the industry in the next 10-20 years is going to look like?

While the world economy is facing a major downtrend and slipping into the global recession due to the COVID-19 pandemic, one industry is witnessing a paradigm shift in the way it works. It used to be looked like a simple manpower agency, but now, people have started to notice and appreciate the great contribution the industry makes towards maintaining basic hygiene at the workplace.

So, here are some of the major developments which might take place in the industry to the world:

Deep Cleaning and Sanitization Services: The clients are not going to be satisfied just by having a standard cleaning procedure. They will be more focused on value-added services like deep cleaning, carpet shampooing, and sanitization of the workplaces. The industry which used to facilitate the insecticides or pesticides will also provide the full-blown deep sanitization services as well.

Internet of Things: Lots of speculation and apprehensions are there in many expects regarding the implementation of the internet of things, however, we will have to admit that it will be part of the world in the future. And, it will be a big part of the facility management industry as well. The clients will not just settle for basic manpower based building/asset management, it will demand more tech-enabled solutions.

The Internet of things gives perfect solutions to the client to maintain all the electronic assets by connecting them with one another. IoT will enable the industry to get the data and analyze the same and give better solutions to the clients. It will provide a perfect platform to provide conditions based maintenance.

Mobile Technology: What will the world be if it were not for mobiles that made the life of people better. None of the industries in the world would be untouched by mobile technology/mobile applications. The facility management companies will move their focus on delivering their services by running their operations through mobile applications. Some early adopters like G4S, SIS and Tenon FM have already launched mobile-based attendance systems, checklists, etc.

Blockchain: For a company to work efficiently, the support services need to work properly. Having a database in silos makes the effort of all go in vain. Blockchain technology is one of the technology out of many technologies that can provide a perfect platform for companies to have a proper centralized database system. The main pain points of the industry like keeping track of everything on excel. Everyone wants to get rid of excel when it comes to tracking everything efficiently.

After this pandemic ends, the facility management industry will be looked at differently. The collective efforts of the visionaries of the industries will take from manpower based industry to a more tech-based industry.

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Rashmi Popawat