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‘Transparent Taxation Portal’: New Faceless Tax System

The central government rolled out a new platform for filing income tax returns (Taxation) to ensure a transparent environment for the taxpayers by eliminating the physical interface.

“Our effort is that our tax system should be seamless, painless and faceless”, said PM Narendra Modi.

According to new taxation portal system, the aim is to measure directive that takes away powers of regular assessing officers to conduct surveys, restricting such powers to only the investigation and tax, deducted at source wing, that too only after authorisation from a senior official of director general or principal commissioner rank.

The new faceless appeal empowers taxpayer to context any tax claim without any personal interactions with the authorities. The procedure will come into the system by September 25. It will end the era of the Jugaad system to get scrutiny or notices settled, claims the government.

Business leaders and experts welcomed the initiative. They suggested it will constraint grey areas, eliminate discretion and promote transparency. The move will help make India a competitive economy amid a changing global order by improving the ease of doing business.

The taxpayers charter allows honest individuals to choose their representatives, lodge complaints and seek disposal of issues promptly. In turn, they must maintain accurate records, disclose required information, and pay taxes on time. The charter enumerates the rights and obligations of taxpayers.

The new tax transparency portal seems to be an exemplary approach to honor honest taxpayers. In India, less than two crore people file for income tax. However, we can expect the number to go up in coming years. The system is yet to be tested.

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