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Top 7 professional soft skills every job Applicant should know

People spend ample time perfecting their CVs, on paper, they appear ideal candidates. However, often for those converting opportunities seems to be a gigantic task, mostly because of poor soft skills. Soft skills are those qualities and attributes, such as communication and teamwork, which help employees work well with others and enhance productivity and they matter to employers.

Here is the list of top soft skills relevant in today’s market.

Inquisitive Mind: As rightly said, “There’s nothing that can help you understand your beliefs more than trying to explain them to an inquisitive child.” employers place a higher value on a candidate who has the agility for learning. During the interview process, the interviewer put more emphasis on the ability of the candidate to process a new set of knowledge into a meaningful conclusion. Inquisitive minds have a tendency to question everything and possesses high problem-solving skills

Team Spirit: One of the top management skills taught in business school is team management. Leadership quality comes with the ability to manage people. Most of the day-to-day affairs in an organization rely on each team member to get the project completed. Internal discussion and regular meeting ensure the smooth working of the organization. Hence, most of the recruiter select candidate based the synergy of the candidate with the working culture of the company.

Communication Skills: Whether you are working in an entry-level role or a top executive role, communication soft skills is a must-have factor if you’re willing to grow faster in an organization. Candidate looking for a job opportunity should thoroughly understand the 7 C’s of Communicationclear, concise, concrete, correct, coherent, complete, courteous. Business is the combination of soft-skills and technical skills, being a good orator will always land you in an advantageous position during the interview process.

Flexibility and Commitment: The skills related to flexibility and commitment is hard to express during the interview process, however, your former organizational working speak of your quality. It’s always recommended to maintain a good track record while working in any firm. Individual’s punctuality, ability to adapt, commitment towards deadlines and productivity matters a lot while the interviewer is cross-checking with your previous organization. Even during the interview, you can share your achievements supported with proper data.

Project Management Skills: As quotes by Jason Patel, “Team members should hit deadlines and let others know where there are on project timelines.” No matter what position you are applying for, a hiring manager will always prefer a candidate who is more organized. To fulfil the demand, the role of project management skills becomes crucial. An organized candidate will sure shot become an excellent project manager. Even during an interview, if you are having any past leadership role in project handling then you’re already their favourite. Soft skills in project management is crucial.

Decision Making: The crux of any successful business is having a decisive set of people in the management team. We’ve all seen how bad decisions can be when they’re rushed, the accuracy of decision making comes with the experience. A hiring manager looks for candidates having the ability to analyzing and take firm decisions under ethical considerations. The famous ORAPAPA framework, which stands for Opportunities, Risks, Alternatives and Improvements, Past Experience, Analysis, People, and Alignment and Ethics– is an excellent example of structural thinking.

Networking and Building Relationships: The most important soft-skill in the management field is to build a relationship with people at work. An approach to relationship building described in the book focuses on creating ‘high-quality connections’ through respectful engagement. Even in terms of getting a promotion at the workspace, apart from quality networking soft skills also plays a vital role.

Apart from these skills, there is no sure short rule to get a job. Sometimes, the hiring team look for a specific skill set and those who qualify generally get hired. Many technical roles in big IT firms require hardcore technical knowledge and soft skill is considered as a non-mandatory requirement. If you have any query related to the interview process do reach out in the comment section below. Please, do mention below what’s your priority in soft skills.

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