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Top 7 Educational Blogs To Inspire: Most Popular Choice

Finding the right set of guidance is something hard to come by, it’s even frustrating sometimes if we have to segregate and sort blogs in the first place. According to data, there are close to 500 million. That’s insane if we consider the amount of data is available for us to absorb in such a short lifetime. Fortunately, not all blogs are useful, most of the educational blogs are just redundant.

However, to make things better here is the list of blogs that one can follow for informative content;

Eckovation (Education Beats): Eckovation offers a unique set of educational blog for students, professionals and parents. Eckovation is India’s fastest growing Social Learning Platform, connecting students across the nation with quality educators, with 1M+ Learners and 10,000+ Educators with PAN India reach. The Platform has 5000+ Learning Groups which have some of the world’s leading experts among the various educators. Eckovation blog has a unique blend of content to catch the eyes of visitors across age groups.


Reachlvy: The career consultation or guide website, ReachIvy, offers career guidance to aspirants who wish to study abroad at ivy league colleges. The organisation blog offers detailed articles oriented to career growth, planning and covering educational news around the world to fulfil aspirants thirst for knowledge. The special scholarship section is an added advantage for aspirants planning to apply for an education scholarship.


MBA Crystal Ball: Considered as one of the top admission consultants in India, MBA Crystal Ball offers the right set of advice and support for the aspirant at the time of need. The systematic approach to deal with students problem for admission related queries is one of a kind. The website blog is quite popular among youths. Their USP lies in offering MBA admission consultants in India & abroad have an in-depth understanding of the MBA application process and can help candidate increase their chances of getting into the top MBA universities.

MBA Crystall Ball

GreatLearning: Great Learning is an ed-tech company that offers impactful and industry-relevant programs in high-growth areas. With a strong presence across the globe, we have empowered 10,000+ learners from over 50 countries in achieving positive outcomes for their careers. An excellent blog for tech-savvy aspirants. GreatLearning covers topics from Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Machine Learning, Computer languages and many more. The organisation is known for offering an industry-driven degree and certification program.


CareerIndia: Careerindia is an online education and career news portal, offering online education to learners. The CareerIndia portal brings forth all the major exam-related news, exclusive subject-wise analysis for various exams across India, tips for students and career advice. The blog section is heavily dominated by competitive exam news. One can easily find the syllabus, previous year question, reference book etc. for the majority of competitive exam in India.


Unacademy: India’s largest learning platform, Unacademy, has a dedicated blog for stories about engineering, product, company news and much more. The portal is relatively new compare to another website however, they are known for catching huge student traffic to their education website offering free and paid courses to students. The organization is still building their blogging site, hopefully, we can see exciting contents in the coming future.


BYJU’S: Today, BYJU is the top education based website in India in terms of audience coverage. Their blogging website covers news, stories and success stories. Often the faculties shares strategy plan to approach any examination. The learning tree section on blogging website offering knowledge vines, science feed, career scope, contest, examination tip and motivational contents.


Apart from these blogging site, several other education platform offers quality content which we will cover in another article. Do reach out in the comment section below in case of any query.

In case of any queries reach out in the comment section below. For more details on career counselling session reach out at [email protected]

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