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Top 5 Skills Needed to Succeed Post-Coronavirus Pandemic

COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world drastically. The situation is believed to remain somehow the same in the coming months. If you want to climb the ladder of success post coronavirus situation then one should start learning new skills as soon as possible. No doubt, fast learners will have a competitive advantage over others. Whether you’re a working professional or entering into the penultimate year of your degree, there are a certain set of skills that will help you out in the world of ‘new normal’.

Here is the list of top skills you’ll need to advance your career post-pandemic situation;

Flexibility and Adaptability: Getting flexible and adaptable is something that everyone should become used to. Organizations are constantly adapting to follow standard operating procedure guidelines issued by the government. There aren’t fixed working hours anywhere right now, employees are working even during their leisure time. Due to the stark rise in the work from home culture, companies are making a lot of profit by reducing office space and maintenance expenses. It is evident work from home culture might become the permanent practice for some companies. Hence, business owners should explore the idea of permanent work from home to reduce employee and fixed cost. This might be the golden opportunity for someone who is looking forward to starting a business.

Critical Thinking: According to reports, hiring managers give more preferences to candidates having critical analysis skills. With the emerging complexity in the technology world, problem-solving has become the most demanding skill every organization look forward to while interviewing a candidate. Critical thinkers dig deeper into the problem and ask important questions pertaining to the origin of the issue. These people are called the ‘thinking tank’ of the organisation. Interestingly, according to the report, the demand for critical thinkers will soar up. Professionals should definitely look out to harness critical thinking as a part of their personality development.

Technology Acumen: Popularly known as ‘tech-savvy’ is one of the most important skills in the twentieth century. Even before the coronavirus pandemic digital space was expanded at an enormous rate. Today, the majority of the vacancies is related to digital skills of some kind. If you have solid working knowledge in data literacy, big data, computer programming, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and machine learning then, it will definitely boost your job profile.

Emotional Intelligence and Communication Skills: Having excellent communication skills can open doors to unknown opportunities. Similarly, individuals who excel in harnessing emotional intelligence are much preferred for higher-level managerial jobs. An individual having emotional skills are much aware and have empathy for people working around them. While WFH is the new norm, written communication skills also become equally important. The art of expressing views with clarity is hard to find and the hiring manager lookout for these qualities explicitly during the interview process.

Digital Skills: Due to the pandemic issue, more business has been forced to work from home. Hence, the requirement of digital literacy becomes crucial. Interestingly, WFH has its own advantages, you often get to set your own hours, save time on transportation, and enjoy your home office’s view. But because many people are working from their homes, digital skills like design, programming, and writing are in high demand. There might be an exponential hike in job opportunities in the digital marketing domain in the coming future.

Apart from these skills, the employee needs to learn how to optimize work-life balance. Being self-aware and holding yourself accountable is particularly important during these challenging times.

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