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Counselling Service for Working People (1-3 years)


60 Minutes Session

A career counsellor for working professionals typically employs a range of techniques, including assessments, goal setting, and job search strategies, to help individuals identify and pursue career paths that align with their values, skills, and interests. They may also help individuals with resume and cover letter writing, interview preparation, and negotiating salaries and benefits. When it comes to offering counselling services to working professionals, the role of counsellors becomes crucial and challenging. At Dishasaarthi, we provide comprehensive sessions to working professionals in their area of experts. We collaborate with industry leaders and veteran counsellors to provide seamless and intellectual learning sessions.

Career counselling for working professionals is a type of guidance and support aimed at individuals who are already employed but looking to make a change in their careers. This type of counselling helps individuals assess their strengths, interests, and goals and provides them with practical advice and strategies for pursuing new career opportunities. The objective is to help working professionals make informed decisions about their careers and find fulfilment in their work.

Career counselling for working professionals is designed to be flexible and adaptable, accommodating the unique needs and circumstances of each individual. Whether someone is looking to make a radical change in their career, or simply seeking a new challenge, a career counsellor can provide the guidance and support needed to help them achieve their goals.


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