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Popular Business School Specializations in the Corporate World

In addition to the quality of b-school, specialization plays a vital role in getting decent job opportunities.

One of the most badass and hard money earning sources is through business. Every year more than three lakhs of students prepare for the CAT considered to be the most competitive exam in the b-school entrance examination. There are other regional and national level examinations conducted every year to admit students into MBA/PGDM courses across India. 

According to ASSOCHAM reports, 93% of total students from b-schools are either unemployable or lack basic acumen for business studies. The reason could be an outdated curriculum or lack of enthusiasm among students especially from tier-2 or tier-3 colleges.

With an enormous availability of subject matter experts and quality content on business studies online, it does not really matter if you are not from Ivy League colleges unless you learn to develop business acumen that will certainly help you to get a job offer. Therefore, it becomes quite clear; the specialization of your b-school should be the area of your interest. Let us discuss some of the most popular MBA specialization courses:

General Management: General Management program has not lost its charm. Considered as one of the most popular courses, a student in GM course learn several management skills and perspectives right from HR, Marketing System to UX. General Management is generally recommended to the executive with certain work experience.

Consulting Management: Even today, many students prefer consulting profile in a big organisation rather going for a specific stream. It is the most sought-after and highly lucrative career option. It gives you opportunities to help clients manage their companies successfully.

International Management: A specialization in IM or IB (International Business) is a perfect career option for those who are aiming to work globally. The curriculum of the course is slightly rigorous, and students get the opportunity to learn a foreign language.

Finance Management: If you fantasise Wall Street, Stock Market, and Corporate and not to forget ‘suits’ then finance can be a game-changer for you. Many high-level bankers, financial controllers, chief financial officers, and finance managers specialized in finance. The course demands high analytical and accounting skills. 

Marketing Management: A specialization in Marketing has become a popular course in the 21st century. With the era of the internet, digital marketing had rolled out many job opportunities. The curriculum teaches you marketing skills, campaign designing techniques, sales, etc. The industry works on B2B and B2C marketing structure, you will get to know everything after completion of the course. Marketing managers are highly paid; it is a perfect career option if you are into marketing and advertising.

Operations Management: The course offers spectacular planning, organizing, and managing skills to its students. The crux of the course revolves around making students understand the term ‘efficient or optimum working’. If you are interested in Supply Chain Management or Logistics then this course is for you. 

Human Resource Management: A specialization in HR involves training programs in planning strategies, recruitment, hiring of employees and training of employees. Due to the complexity of human behaviour, HR leaders need to be people’s person. Good communication skills can be an added advantage beforehand.

Strategy Management: MBA in strategic management is not a popular course in terms of mainstream specialization; however, the course offers insight into how successful business decisions are made. You will learn about business development, consulting, risk management, and planning. Skills, which will be needed for a company to stage itself into the market.

Entrepreneurship still in its budding stage in India. Mostly restricted to online and distance learning courses. Considering the number of start-ups entering the market every year. Entrepreneurship soon can become a specialized course in b-schools.

Just remember, an MBA/PGDM should be a chosen path for professional transition rather than just a career choice. Did you find the course that suits you? For more details in career counselling sessions reach out at [email protected]

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