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University of Allahabad Exams Postponed, Colleges to remain closed

    The University of Allahabad has decided to close the campus and its affiliated colleges till April 21.

    The decision has been taken in view of rising in the COVID-19 case in the state. As the campus will remain close, the schedule exams has also been postponed.

    “The university and its constituent colleges shall remain completely sealed till April 21, 2021. After this period, the situation would be reviewed and a further decision would be taken accordingly,” Official statement of University of Allahabad.

    The University will continue to provide classes through online mode. The guidelines related to conducting online classes has been shared with the teachers. The administrative block of the university will also work through online mode only.

    Earlier, Aligarh Muslin University and Banaras Hindu University of UP state had asked their students not to enter the campus premises and attend classes through online mode only.

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