Kautilya School Of Public Policy: Harvard, Stanford and IIM alumni Initiative

In an endeavour to make Pubic Policy education a vital part to bring reforms in higher education, prestigious universities alumni came together to establish Kautilya School of Public Policy, the campus will be established in Hyderabad.

The institute has a founding team consisting of alumni from Stanford, Harvard Kennedy School and Indian Institute of Management along with eminent executive members.

“My experience of studying at Harvard Kennedy School and running Citizens for Public Leadership made me realize the need for evidence-based policymaking in India and the need to develop public policy professionals who can solve India’s most pressing problems.

With strong expertise in academics and practitioners from diverse backgrounds, an interdisciplinary curriculum at par with Ivy League schools of the West, blended with our rich culture and value system, we are excited to offer an enriched learning experience to aspirants who wish to develop an expertise in the field of public policy” Prateek Kanwal, Co-founder, Kautilya School of Public Policy

Kautilya School Of Public Policy

The school will nurture and encourage new-age leaders who undertook training in public policy and apply the lessons to solve 21st-century problems. The newly established campus is spread across a 24,500 square feet area coupled with all sophisticated facilities and technology, makes it one of the most contemporary institutes in India.

Kautilya is designed as a non-hierarchical, interactive space to enable learning and knowledge sharing.

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