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Dual Doctoral Program From IIT Kharagpur and University of Manchester

    IIT Kharagpur in collaboration with the University of Manchester has launched Dual Doctoral Program.

    The dual doctoral course curriculum has been laid down in accordance with the strategic partnership between the two institutions. This will serve to consolidate and build on existing research collaborations across a number of thematic areas including environmental geochemistry, biomaterials and Industry. 

    “I believe the dual doctoral program will provide the template for equal partnership between IITs and top British universities in the future,” said Professor Baidurya Bhattacharya, Former Dean of International Relations at IIT Kharagpur.

    Earlier, IIT Kharagpur started a similar course in collaboration with universities from Australia, New Zealand and Canada. This is the first time a joint program has been set up with a British institute.

    Strategic Partnership

    Eligibility Criteria

    The program will only select students from IITs and IISc in its earlier phase. Selected students will spend time in Manchester and Kharagpur, benefitting from the industrial exposure, expertise and infrastructure from two global renowned Universities.

    Degree Award

    The doctorate degree will be awarded by both the institutes however, the two-component will form a single research experience. Students who qualify for the degree in the stipulated time period will receive a parchment from both institutes.

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