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Top 10 Skills to Innovate and fast pace Critical Thinking

Change is only constant, they say. However, one more thing which is constant in life is skills upgrading. In life, learning never stops even if you want to stay relevant and informed, exposing yourself to new knowledge is the only key. If you wish to bring change in your life, the only way you can do is by being a learned person. 

With the fast-paced changing world, you need to develop skills that are beyond the change which is happening. So here are the top 10 skillsets to keep required up with the never-ending change in the world. 

Sensibility: Routine jobs which do not much brain will become obsolete. Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, data science and deep thinking is the new norm. However, even supercomputers cannot beat a human being in terms of deep-thinking and decision making where you need to do higher-level of analysis in the decision making. It will only do the number crunching and give the outcome of the same. 

Social Intelligence: Even the most advanced robot prototype inflicted with emotions are yet emotionless. Social and emotional intelligence is something only human capability. Social intelligence in robots/machines is a very complicated thing. Human is the only species that has the ability to judging the emotions of the people around them and make decisions informally.

Novel and Adaptive Thinking: According to Mr David Autor, professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology who is studying the job trend in the past decade explained that the high-level job who are involved in decision making is going to be high demand. The skillsets which involved skill adaptability to the unexpected circumstances will be next big thing.

Cross-Cultural Competency: In the world which has connected and truly one click away has made the boundaries of the countries vanish. The person who will be able to connect and has cross-cultural competency will be in high demand soon. The ability to perform in whatever environment they are in is going to be the next big thing. 

Computational Thinking: The world now has a large amount of data at its disposal, making the impactful decisions is going to be one of the skills which are going to be in high demand in future. Ability to comprehend, check the outcome of the data and making strategy around it will still be out of reach of machines which will be done by humans. 

New Media Literacy: With the introduction of new normal like blogs, podcasts and videos are going to be one of the things which will be prevalent in future. A person’s ability to communicate through the new ways will be in high demand. 

Trans-disciplinary: The ability of the person to understand language and communicate in a broader range of disciplines will be able to add value to the organizations.

Design Mindset: The person who will be able to take the design mindset and adapt to the environment and enhance the ability to work efficiently will be most sophisticated in the coming years.

Cognitive Load Management: With a large amount of data at our disposal, a person who has a skill of just focussing on the right thing to get the right outcome will be the biggest asset for any firm. The way of tackling the workload and finding ways to improve and effectively focussing on the things required will be of paramount importance in the future. 

Virtual Collaboration: Sharing ideas and working in a group will be a new set of competencies in the future. Ability to stick together as teams and at the same time yielding the right outcome will be one of the skills which will significantly add value to the organizations. It is something a person needs to focus on- working in a virtual team, collaborating with them and getting the right outcome. 

As confusing as it sounds, the skills which will adapt to the change in the environment, collaborate, judge the emotions, ability to concentrate on the right data and communication will be the key to success in the future. For more details on career counselling session reach out at 

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