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Education Ministry to launch a National Intellectual Property Literacy

Minister will soon be launching the National Intellectual Property Literacy (NIPL) initiative. The aim is to promote the culture of IP creation among institutes. The lack of awareness has restrained mass institutional participation.

“When we looked at our higher educational institutes, more than 95-97 per cent of our institutes have never filed intellectual property ever, so we felt that if we have to create a culture of IP creation in these institutes we really need to ensure that we make them literate, train, hand-hold them within these institutes,” said Dr Abhay Jere, chief innovation officer, Ministry of Education.

According to data, there are more than 10,000 technical institutes and 80 lakh students are studying in these institutes, however, if we look at the Intellectual Property filling the record is astonishingly very low. Talking of the IP filling in other parts of the world, ministry official responded that around 14 lakh IPs are filed annually in China followed by the US where 7 lakh are filled annually. In India, 45,000 to 50,000 are filled out of which 30% are filled by Indians and rest by NRIs.

“This needs to change, as we have 80 lakh students just studying technology and overall we have about 4 crore students who are pursuing higher education, but if we look at the Intellectual Property which is coming from an educational institute is not more than 2000-2500 and these are generating in the top tier-1 organization,” added Dr Jere.

The initiative is a positive step keeping in mind the long term goals. This will surely motivate young minds. Earlier it used to take 6-7 years just for the examination of a patent application and another few years to complete the process, NIPL will surely speed up the patent process.

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