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Time Management: Top 6 Techniques to Master the Art

One thing is certain, no matter who you are, time is equal for everyone. We all wish there were more hours in a day at times but guess what it ain’t going to happen. The art of time management teaches adroitness for smart work. Are you willing to change your life?

Here are the top tips one can follow to master the art of time management;

Focus on a single target: Despite there is numerous benefited associated with multitasking yet, the key to success lies in a single target-oriented approach. A single target approach even for a short span of time can yield significant results.


Learn to say no to occasion: You must have watched the ‘Yes Man’ movie, although saying yes too often brings out new life experiences. However, it’s impossible to practice in real life. It’s very important to learn not to become people pleasure and do things which is more oriented to self-development.

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Turn off Distractions: The modern age technology like social media is one of the most distracting tools of all time. Your time management can go for a toss if you get distracted easily. According to data, an average human spends close to 3 hours a day, and that’s insane. In order to achieve something big in life, one needs to sacrifice what normal people are doing every day. Put your phone on do not disturb and close any unnecessary tabs on your computer. You can deal with messages later. gif maker 1

Learn to Delegate: People love doing their stuff, however, this often leads to burnout. The ability to prioritise task based on the degree of importance is a must-have skill for those who want to dream big. Delegating should be an everyday practice. This will surely help you out in time management skills. gif maker 3

Conduct Timely Review and Introspect: In the book ‘Getting Things Done’, David Allen quoted, “The Weekly Review is the time to: Gather and process all your stuff. Review your system. Update your lists. Get clean, clear, current, and complete. You have to use your mind to get things off your mind. Most. No doubt, the timely assessment is an important part of the progress. A well-scheduled plan should always have room for past insight.


Rejuvenate, period: One or two days without sleep is still okay. But, if you a long term plan then a proper strategy should dedicate enough sleep and rejuvenating time. This will allow your body to relax and gear up the energy for the next milestone. Eat and drink healthy nutritious foods. Do essential exercise daily. An exhausted mind can do no good for oneself or for the society.


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