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Top Career Opportunities In Fine Arts: Profile, Salary and Skillsets

In the race to become an engineer, doctor or manager, people often ignore their artistic talents and get into the race to become what they are not. Fine arts is something that develops in a person during their early childhood and vanishes as they progress through their career due to various reasons such as family pressure, lack of knowledge, lack of confidence and many more.

Here is the list of career options in fine arts for an artist brain that pays handsomely. 

Graphic Artist or Designer

Graphic Artist/Designer makes various designs and products for magazines, websites and advertising agencies. It includes designing, styling, formatting and printing as per the client requirements. It is a mixture of art and technology to make artwork.

Skills required: The entry-level job does not need any qualification or a degree in graphic designing. However, you need to know various designing software like Quark Xpress, InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop.

Salary: Salary of a Graphic designer in India typically is between 2.5L per annum to 9.5L per annum depending on your experience and qualification.

Art Directors

Another important domain in fine arts is art directors, they are responsible for the visual style and images in magazines, newspapers, product packaging, and movie and television productions. Most art directors are self-employed. Others work for advertising and public relations firms, newspaper and magazine publishers, motion picture and video industries, and specialized design services firms. People looking forward to pursuing this career should have completed their bachelor or more preferably a masters degree.

Skills Required: Project management, creativity, Desktop publishing skills, multimedia content developer, Graphic Designing techniques.

Salary: The estimated remuneration is within the range of 4.5- 20 LPA (depending on the quality of detailing of work).

Cartoonist or Animator

The job of a cartoonist and animator is to create cartoon related politics, celebrities and sportsperson and write an artist. They generally work on a freelance basis and work with different clients. You can also have your website where you can sell your artwork to clients like newspaper, clothing brands, and websites. A career in the cartoonist and animation sector is booming considering the demand for increasing professionals. Not considered as high rewarding fine arts profession in the early stage of career but can be trustworthy with experience.

Skills Required: Degree in Animation, Knowledge of CAD, Creative, Computer knowledge.

Salary: The earning is somewhere around 84K-7.5 LPA per client.

Jewellery Artist

It is one of the areas where you can design pieces of jewellery and sell it. The nature of the job generally promotes self-employed. However, various companies hire jewellery designers. Jewellery artist should have a neck for detailing. The career opportunities in the Jewellery business is mainstream now. We can expect this sector to grow exponentially in the coming years.

Skills required: Degree in Animation, Knowledge of CAD, Creative, Basic computer acumen.

Salary: One can expect earning to be around Rs 7000 to Rs 8000 per month. With experience, it can increase from 18 to 20k or more. Top-rated designers can easily fetch salaries in lacs. 

Tattoo Artist

Tattooing is a serious business, rather than just a cool career option. Tattoo art is too mainstream in fine arts. If you love art and design and have a passion for tattoos, becoming a tattoo artist can be a rewarding career. However, a career as a tattoo artist is an unstable professional considering the amount of cost and time commitment required to emerge out as a successful tattoo artist is meagre. 

Skills Required: Deep understanding of body art as a mainstream subject, Fair knowledge of designing. 

Salary: An average tattoo artist can earn somewhere around 50 to 80k per month. Adding to that, a well-performing experienced tattoo artist makes somewhere around 1 to 2 lacs per month.


They make various paintings using mediums and sell their artwork through auctions or online stores. Despite being popular, a career as a painter is not considered a mainstream fine arts profession in India. The social stigma associated with instability refrain the majority of the potential learners to pursue their calling. 

Skills Required: Understanding of realistic and constructive art, In-depth knowledge of drawing materials and its usage.

Salary: The sky is limit here. You can make as much as money you want based on your artistic skills and popularity.

Art Teacher

Fine arts without a teacher is impossible to imagine. Teaching art is the job where you can pursue as an artist as well as teach others as well. They are responsible for imparting various techniques and nuances of art to children. The private school take a keen interest in adding art as a vital part of the curriculum in contrast to public schools. However, exceptions are there. Individuals interested in pursuing a career as an art teacher must finish their education before applying.

Skills or Qualification Required: Bachelor of Fine Arts and Masters in Fine Arts

Salary: The estimated earning lies between 2.4 to 10.5 LPA ( depending on the budgeting of the schools).

Social media influencer

Teaching art these days are not just confined to school classes. People have watched youtube videos and use various social media to learn sketching, painting and animation. You can start your career by teaching art lessons on popular social media channels.

Skills Required: Video editing, Content Management, Creative Writing, Understanding of social media tools.

Salary: You will be earning as per your views and subscribers. As you grow popular, your salary grows exponentially.

Fine arts is yet an unexplored domain in India. We can see more job opportunities in coming future. Will update another list sharing more mainstream profession.

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