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We offer online career counselling sessions specifically designed for learners who are interested in understanding the nuisances of every profession in detail. Try out our career consultation service to boost your career graph exponentially.

  • Career Counselling for School Students (9th-12th Standard)


    30 Minutes Session

    Career counselling for school students typically involves a range of activities, including assessments, informational interviews, job shadowing, and career fairs. The aim is to provide students with a well-rounded understanding of the career options available to them and to help them make informed decisions about the subjects they should study, the courses they should take, and the careers they should pursue. This counselling service is specially designed for students who are entering into high studies and planning to join the college of their choice. Through this session, we offer modern and practical assessment techniques followed by 1:1 mentorship guidance to resolve career-related queries.

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  • Career Counselling for College Students (Any Stream)


    60 Minutes Session

    The goal of this counselling session is to build the overall personality of the individual currently enrolled in any college or university. The session will be conducted by expert counsellors having SMEs in the area of the interest of the students. During a career counselling session, a college student may take self-assessment tests, interest surveys, and personality assessments. The counsellor may also discuss options for internships, co-op programs, and job shadowing opportunities that allow students to explore different career paths.

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  • Counselling Service for Working People (1-3 years)


    60 Minutes Session

    A career counsellor for working professionals typically employs a range of techniques, including assessments, goal setting, and job search strategies, to help individuals identify and pursue career paths that align with their values, skills, and interests. They may also help individuals with resume and cover letter writing, interview preparation, and negotiating salaries and benefits. When it comes to offering counselling services to working professionals, the role of counsellors becomes crucial and challenging. At Dishasaarthi, we provide comprehensive sessions to working professionals in their area of experts. We collaborate with industry leaders and veteran counsellors to provide seamless and intellectual learning sessions.

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