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Facing career dilemmas?
We provide goal oriented
professional career
counselling service

During the session, we’ll have the opportunity to discuss your concerns, explore your thoughts and feelings and construct a future action plans.

We follow 5 steps approach

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Action Plan

We follow the simple technique of drawing a horizontal line across a page, with ‘Now’ at the extreme left and the learner’s goals at the extreme right. Then, follow an action plan to connect the two extremes.
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Exploring Opportunities

Exploration helps learners discover ways to implement aspects of their vision while simultaneously attending to issues. We discuss future goals and job opportunities.
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Cultivating Relationship

The culture of normalization of career counselling is our ultimate goal. We try to assess learners’ dilemmas whilst helping them out in every possible way.
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Future Scope

At Dishasaarthi, we offer a unique approach to career counselling that pivots to traditional methods. We believe in ‘actionable knowledge’ hence, we don’t emphasize the therapeutic relationship.
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Decision Making

It’s true making plans is just a small step. Success lies in taking decisive steps. At Dishasaarthi, we motivate our learners to take that big leap and consider failures as an experience.

Significance of Career Counselling

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1 1A career counselling is a tool designed to help students by outlining and discussing one’s potential career options. A career counselor could be a therapist or life coach trained to provide career information.

2 1Career counselling can help individuals in exploring their interests, building understanding between personal and career goals, to make inform decision about their future in rational manner.

3 1Technologies are booming there are lots of opportunities with various fields where one can make a better career so, career counselling provides guidance to a person to have a clear glimpse on what to pursue.